About Amanda

Hi. I’m Amanda.

I love Photography. And cats. We have 4 currently. I eat Swedish Fish and Red Vines while I edit photos.

I have been happily married for 13 years. I got married in Lake Tahoe, which will always be "home".

I grew up between California and The Big Island of Hawaii.

I have two BA’s that I am very proud of. One in English and one in Photography.

I love to read. I listen to audiobooks & podcasts while I drive.

My family and my husband are very important to me.

When I'm not with my family, the thing I enjoy most is shooting yours!  (with my camera of course)

I live for Saturdays, weddings, and portrait sessions.  I feel I have found my calling when I am photographing people.  I love love.  I mean, who doesn't?

My Photography Story

I wasn't really into photography in high school at all.  After I started college at Emerson in Boston, I needed an elective class.  I took photography, and the rest is history, as they say.  I fell in love with walking around Boston with just myself and my grandfather's old manual 35mm film camera.  The time spent in the darkroom, the smell of the developer and fix, seeing an image come to life under the chemical trays, negatives hanging to dry in my shower.  I was hooked.

I then moved back to the Reno-Tahoe area, where I finished my BA with a major in English and a minor in Photography.  That led me to beautiful Santa Barbara, CA and the infamous Brooks Institute of Photography, where I earned my second BA in Professional Photography with an emphasis in Portraiture.

My future husband-to-be and I moved back to WA where he grew up, so I could do an internship with Bruce Hudson.  We then went back to Reno-Tahoe so I could work under an amazing wedding photographer.  The year was 2004 that I fell in love with wedding photography.

After two years, we moved back to WA to be near family.  I began my Photography business and worked for many other photographers and companies, learning tons.  I have also has the pleasure to work for: The Seahawks, Showcase Magazine, Girl Power Hour, Chick Chat, Power Chicks, Jen Mueller, Team Photogenic and many other magazines, local celebrities and more.

I have just started my 15th wedding season, and look forward to many more.

My dad gave me his 35mm film camera, a Nikon N90s, and I have been a Nikon girl ever since.  I just recently sold it on eBay.  I started my digital career with a Nikon D100, then moved on to the Fuji S2, then S3, then S5.  I went back to Nikon, and purchased a D200.

From there I have owned a D300, a few D700's and now a D750.  I have owned, sold and kept many lenses, have been through a few bags in my thirteen years shooting weddings, portraits and events, and many other items.

I have an arsenal of studio lights, OCF, speedlights, modifiers, backgrounds, props, you name it!  We are an Apple family, and we have: a MacPro, iMac, iPads, iPhones, laptops, touchscreen computers, and more.