Aberdeen Engagement Portrait Session

This Aberdeen engagement portrait session with Jeff and Rosie was so much fun! I love getting the chance to capture moments for friends that have become like family. I have known Jeff’s sister, Laura, for over a decade. Laura is an amazing esthetician at the Karelia Spa in Tacoma. I have been shooting photos for her entire family as long as I have known her! Every few years, I get to spend the 4th of July with them and have such an awesome time! I love that I get to watch their kids grow up and see their family grow!! Now I am so happy for Jeff’s mom, Rose, because her middle child is finally happy and in love! Jeff and Rosie are getting married at their church in Aberdeen in October.

Mediterranean Vibes

Since the wedding will be in Aberdeen, we captured Jeff & Rosie’s engagement photos in the city! There was an awesome run-down apartment building with so much character. It made us feel like we were in Italy! The pink walls and wrought iron had Mediterranean vibes. I love finding new spots to take engagement photos and this one was perfect!

Laid-back Engagement Portraits

Jeff and Rosie were so playful and kept each other laughing all afternoon. I love that they kept it casual for their outfits! Rosie looked so cute in a striped blouse and black pants, while Jeff wore a plaid button-up and jeans. The perfect casual engagement outfit inspiration! Rosie’s engagement ring is gorgeous and we had to show that off! I want my couples to feel like themselves for their engagement photos. I love that Jeff picked Rosie up and spun her around a couple times. These two were just so cute!

October Wedding

I am especially excited for their October wedding, since I got married in October too! It’s such a romantic time to get married! I love the fall colors and the crisp air. (I might even have to pick up a pumpkin spice latte in the morning!) These two are perfect for each other, and I can’t wait to capture their wedding day.

Aberdeen Engagement Portraits with Pink City Walls Photographed by Tacoma Wedding Photographer Amanda Howse
Aberdeen engagement portraits with casual outfit inspiration and pink walls photographed by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse
Photographed by Tacoma Wedding Photographer Amanda Howse | Aberdeen Engagement Portraits | Cute couple smiling at each other on the city street.
Laid-back engagement portraits in Aberdeen, WA, photographed by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse.
Urban engagement portrait session in downtown Aberdeen with couple smiling at each other in building alley with colorful walls. Photographed by Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse.
Cute engaged couple sitting on apartment building steps with turquoise door and bride showing off engagement ring. Photographed by Tacoma Wedding Photographer Amanda Howse.
City steps engagement portraits with smiling couple in casual outfits. Photographed by Tacoma Wedding Photographer Amanda Howse.
Natural Engagement Portrait Pose with Sweet Couple on Apartment Building Steps | Photographed by Amanda Howse
Urban Aberdeen Engagement Portraits on Apartment Steps for Mediterranean inspired shoot photographed by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse.
Handsome groom spinning fiance around during engagement portrait session in downtown Aberdeen. Photographed by Tacoma Wedding Photographer Amanda Howse,
Fun Aberdeen engagement portraits with Jeff & Rosie smiling in front of pink city wall. Photographed by Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse.
Romantic Aberdeen engagement portraits with sunshine and trees. Photographed by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse.
Portrait of engaged couple leaning on a tree in Aberdeen park. Photographed by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse.
Picnic inspired engagement photos in downtown Aberdeen photographed by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse.
Dreamy engagement photos with groom carrying his bride. Photographed in Aberdeen by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse.
Rosie admiring her engagement ring during Aberdeen engagement portrait session with her fiance. Photographed by Tacoma wedding photographed Amanda Howse.

Aberdeen Engagement Portrait Sessions!

Capturing special moments in your life is what I am all about! If you’re getting married in Aberdeen, let’s capture your engagement with a portrait session in the city. We’ll create ah-mazing portraits that you will cherish forever.

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5 Reasons Why Engagement Sessions Are Important

As a photographer, engagement sessions are a critical part of my work. These sessions help me get to know the couple before their big day. But a lot of the time, the client doesn’t always see the same value in scheduling an engagement session! After all, it’s already a busy time in your life – why add one more thing?

Reasons Why Engagement Sessions are Important

There are many benefits to scheduling an engagement session with your wedding photographer. To encourage our couples to have engagement photos, we offer free engagement sessions with every wedding collection. Establishing relationships with our clients is such an important part of the work that we do.

Read on for a few reasons why engagement sessions are important.

Find Your Most Photogenic Self

One critical part of an engagement session is to get to know your body and how it’s captured on camera. You may already have some opinions about which is your “good side” and what angles are most flattering. A professional eye can help give you a detailed analysis of how to show your body in its best light. Your photographer will also offer guidance on different poses. Some of you may not have had professional photos taken in a long time (or ever!). This makes it extra important to have a little bit of practice before your big day.

Practice Being Comfortable in Front of the Camera

An engagement session is also good practice for being on camera. While being photogenic is one thing, being confident and comfortable on camera is a whole different piece of the puzzle. Even the most beautiful women can look unphotogenic if they don’t know how to rock their bodies on camera. This practice will come in handy on a big day like your wedding when you have so many other things to think about. Think of it as a practice run! There is less pressure and fewer people around, so you can focus on your fiancé and the guidance from your photographer.

Establish your Expectations for the Shoot

An engagement session gives you the perfect time to discuss your likes and dislikes with the photographer. Maybe you love candid portraits and want your photographer to capture those in-between moments. Or you may have a list of poses and specific portraits in mind. You won’t want any unexpected issues on your special day. Establishing your expectations and communicating clearly with your photographer will set you up for success.

Double-check the Business Side of Things

Scheduling a chat with your photographer before the big event gives you a chance to double-check some important details before it is too late. Of course, you will correspond via email and phone, but speaking in person is a great way to connect and make sure you are on the same page about key details.

Your engagement session gives you a chance to spend uninterrupted time with your photographer. You can double-check details about your wedding day timeline, the location, and payments. This gives added assurance that there won’t be any surprise fees and that your photographer knows when to arrive and where she needs to be.

Get to Know the Photographer

While much of an engagement session is the photographer focused on getting to know the client, the reverse relationship is just as important. Having this initial time with your photographer will show you what her work will look like when it counts. It will show you how she conducts her work, what she prioritizes in a session, and how she handles problems when they arise. You will be surrounded by people you love on your wedding day, and your photographer will be there to capture it all! You’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable around her, and engagement sessions are a great way to break the ice.

Even in the busiest seasons of your life (like your wedding or graduation), taking the time to meet with the photographer ahead of time is always worth it. You’ll learn about how to bring out all your beauty, establish expectations and connections with your photographer, and make sure that the finances and timing are all lined up. Without an engagement session, these elements of a photoshoot are left up to chance. You want to feel prepared for your big day! It’s one of the many reasons why engagement sessions are important.

And if you are still on the fence, scroll through to see some of my favorite engagement session portraits for an extra boost of inspiration!

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How to Have Amazing AHP Maternity Session

Maternity shoots are so fun! They are a great way to capture this special time in your life and celebrate being a mama. I have been shooting maternity sessions for years and each session is unique. The possibilities are endless when it comes to picking a location, outfit inspiration, and the overall look and feel for your maternity session. I am so excited to share my favorite tips for having an awesome maternity session (and a few sneak peeks from some of my favorite sessions!).

When to Schedule Your Maternity Session

You’ll want to schedule your AHP maternity session for the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. You want a round belly that looks cute, but you don’t want to feel too huge or uncomfortable! No matter when you schedule your session, we will make sure you look and feel your best! I also recommend having your hair and makeup done! What mama-to-be doesn’t need a couple hours of pampering? It will also give you an extra boost of confidence before your session. Win-win!!

Picking a Location for your Maternity Session

We can do in-studio or on-location for your AHP maternity session! Studio sessions are especially great in the fall and winter when it’s raining or cold out. And I have a gorgeous studio in the heart of Tacoma filled with yummy natural light.

If you choose to do an on-location maternity shoot, the sky is the limit! I love in-home sessions because it captures you in your home where your baby will walk their first steps and say their first words! We can capture you cozied up in the nursery, or with your hubby on the couch just having a lazy day. We can even do a milk bath with flower petals! So dreamy!

In the summer, it’s the perfect time to head to the beach or the park for some sunny maternity photos! I love discovering new places for portrait sessions, so if there is somewhere meaningful to you where you want to have your photos done, let’s adventure! These portraits are ones you will share with your family and with your baby when they are older. No matter where you choose to have your portrait session, your photos will be cherished for years to come!

What to Wear to Your Maternity Session

Once you pick your AHP maternity session location, it’s time to decide what to wear! The time of year and the location for your session can help determine the best outfits for you. A summer portrait session on the beach calls for a long flowy summer dress! Amazon has some amazing options. If it’s colder, a cozy sweater and leggings work perfectly. You can wear your normal clothes and have a more casual session. For in-home sessions, you can also choose to wear nothing and just be nekkid if that is comfortable for you! Maternity sessions are all about capturing how you look and feel in this moment. Be yourself! I want to bring your vision to life.

AHP Maternity Inspiration

Every AHP maternity session is unique and special to me. I am excited to share some of my favorite photos from these sessions. Scroll through for some inspiration!

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Interested in booking a maternity photo session with me? Feel free to reach out to me anytime on my website! You can also email me at amanda@amandahowse.com or call/text 530-412-0730 to schedule your shoot!