Featured Wedding Venue: Wine & Roses Country Estate in Auburn

Since I have worked at so many wedding venues here in Washington State, I know almost all of the best ones in the area. One of my favorites is Wine & Roses Country Estate wedding venue in Auburn.

Like many wedding venues throughout WA, this wedding venue has a rustic quality that’s unforgettable. They offer a 100-year-old, on-site barn where you can hold your wedding ceremony, surrounded by beautiful outdoor gardens.

Being immersed in nature is what makes venues like this special. The gorgeous gardens, old trees with lush greenery, and a versatile lawn enhance the charm of Wine & Roses Country Estate. These features only add to the photos I’ll provide for you and your spouse.

The Historical Barn

The barn on this estate is the true gem on the grounds. As a historical and refurbished barn, you can get the feel of a rustic country atmosphere with some modern features thrown in.

Wine & Roses Country Estate is conveniently located between Seattle and Tacoma. Plus, it’s only five minutes away from freeway access, making it perfect for guests coming in from other cities or states. If you have guests traveling for your wedding, this venue is easy to find and accessible.

They give free tours here, so it is a good idea to look over the barn and grounds to see whether the surroundings suit you. I always recommend touring a venue before booking it, as it can give you an idea of the flow of the space and help you envision your wedding day.

I have taken many Wine & Roses Country Estate wedding photos in the barn. Let me say it’s a perfect spot to capture magical memories. One great thing about the barn is it’s easy to customize. It can either be the site of your wedding ceremony or where you hold your wedding reception.

Since rain is common here in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll also want to consider the barn as a backup plan in case the weather interrupts your plans to have your ceremony outdoors.

The barn can suit weddings both big and small. You can hold between 50-200 guests here.

Holding Your Ceremony in the Garden

The estate has a lawn and garden area, perfect for holding your ceremony on a summer’s day. White garden chairs are provided by the owners to seat your guests. This area is wide enough to hold a couple hundred people while giving them plenty of breathing space.

This is the gorgeous area where I capture casual and candid moments with you and your attendees. I consistently go for shots of people at weddings when they’re at their most relaxed rather than posed. This gives you a chance to relive those moments and remember your day exactly how it happened.

Hosting your guests outdoors provides gorgeous natural light, though the barn has a great setup with superior lighting conditions. Thanks to twinkling string lights and stunning chandeliers permanently installed in the barn, you have a wonderful atmosphere ready to go.

Pricing and Scheduling

Wine & Roses Country Estate hosts weddings between May and October. The venue prices your wedding based on the particular day of the week you choose. They offer a three-day window for wedding & reception packages. Your wedding can take place on either a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Saturday is typically the most popular wedding date, though it is more expensive.

Each day offers the same amenities, including the use of the entire venue and basic set-up. If you want your wedding day to last a little bit longer, the last dance and venue exit take place one hour later on Fridays and Saturdays.

Catering and Coordination

The staff here lets you choose any licensed caterer of your choice. To ensure the best possible food and service for your special day, they have a thorough list of vendors they work with regularly and highly recommend.

A nice touch here is the venue provides a free wedding planner to help you get things coordinated. The coordinator also helps you rehearse your wedding a few days ahead of the ceremony so everything can occur without major mistakes.

I can certainly work on this schedule and attend your rehearsal if need be. Attending your rehearsal can help me set up specific photographic situations you want to capture on the big day. We can also discuss what you have envisioned and where you want your family portraits taken.

Inspiration Gallery

I highly recommend seeing Wine & Roses Country Estate in person to get a feel for the grounds. For a sneak peek of the barn and gardens, scroll through this gallery. I have included photos of a few of my favorite spots throughout the estate.

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Family Portrait Sessions with AHP

The upcoming holiday season is a great reminder to schedule a family portrait session! It is so important to get these portraits done annually, especially when you have kids. They grow so fast and you want to be sure to document every stage. Some families even do portrait sessions every six months or quarterly, especially when their kids are really young. The first couple of years fly by and they change so quickly. I love documenting every important milestone for my clients.

AHP offers three kinds of family portrait sessions. I am so excited to share a little bit more about each type of session.

Traditional Portrait Session

Traditional portrait sessions can be outside at a special location or in the studio. These sessions typically include posed family portraits. This is a great way to get classic portraits that you can happily look back on for years to come. We also do portraits of your family interacting and playing! I recommend choosing matching outfits for these sessions. You don’t have to wear the same thing, though. Choosing outfits in the same color family looks the best. This gives a cohesive look to your portraits.

Traditional portrait sessions can also just be solo portraits of your kiddos! You will be so grateful you captured them in all of their stages. They grow up so fast and portraits are the best way to remember every age.

Lifestyle Session

Lifestyle portrait sessions are usually more laid-back. I can come hang out with you at your house and capture those everyday life moments! From cooking and eating to relaxing on the couch with your spouse and kids, lifestyle sessions are an amazing way to capture what your day to day life looks like as a family. These portraits end up being more photo-journalistic in nature. They are so fun to look back on and have a candid, carefree feel to them. We can also capture posed portraits during this session.

Mini Session

Mini portrait sessions are fast-paced and typically last 15 to 30 minutes. These sessions are ideal for the holidays! You can do themed outfits and have fun with it. I love finding a cute session space to fit the season. Cozy surroundings and holiday décor can amplify the look of these portraits. They are perfect to use if you make your own holiday cards each year.

I also recommend mini sessions as a quick way to capture a few portraits with the kids. Since these sessions are shorter, kids can usually last through the entire session – but not always! I always warn parents that kids WILL meltdown for no reason at all during portrait sessions. Be sure to come prepared with snacks, treats, and bribes to help them through the session.

Indoor and Outdoor Sessions

I have a studio in downtown Tacoma that is perfect for those rainy days. Studio 253 is filled with natural light and is a versatile space. We can capture portraits inside with simple backgrounds. These portraits are timeless.

Though I love the studio, I prefer to shoot outdoors whenever possible. There is so much to explore in the beautiful PNW. We have awesome locations available for outdoor portrait sessions and I love finding new spots to capture portraits. Tacoma is a great city for urban portraits. There are also local farms and barns for rustic portrait sessions. Depending on the season, we can explore the forest, a local pumpkin patch, gardens, or parks. There are so many fun options in this gorgeous state!

Family Portrait Inspiration

Scroll through this gallery for some family portrait inspiration! These portraits are from some of my favorite family portrait sessions this past year.

Let’s Connect!

I love capturing every family. For those without children, I also do couples photos and anniversary sessions. Gather up your loved ones and schedule a session. You can contact me anytime on my website! You can also email me at amanda@amandahowse.com or call/text 530-412-0730 to schedule your shoot.

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Aberdeen Engagement Portrait Session

This Aberdeen engagement portrait session with Jeff and Rosie was so much fun! I love getting the chance to capture moments for friends that have become like family. I have known Jeff’s sister, Laura, for over a decade. Laura is an amazing esthetician at the Karelia Spa in Tacoma. I have been shooting photos for her entire family as long as I have known her! Every few years, I get to spend the 4th of July with them and have such an awesome time! I love that I get to watch their kids grow up and see their family grow!! Now I am so happy for Jeff’s mom, Rose, because her middle child is finally happy and in love! Jeff and Rosie are getting married at their church in Aberdeen in October.

Mediterranean Vibes

Since the wedding will be in Aberdeen, we captured Jeff & Rosie’s engagement photos in the city! There was an awesome run-down apartment building with so much character. It made us feel like we were in Italy! The pink walls and wrought iron had Mediterranean vibes. I love finding new spots to take engagement photos and this one was perfect!

Laid-back Engagement Portraits

Jeff and Rosie were so playful and kept each other laughing all afternoon. I love that they kept it casual for their outfits! Rosie looked so cute in a striped blouse and black pants, while Jeff wore a plaid button-up and jeans. The perfect casual engagement outfit inspiration! Rosie’s engagement ring is gorgeous and we had to show that off! I want my couples to feel like themselves for their engagement photos. I love that Jeff picked Rosie up and spun her around a couple times. These two were just so cute!

October Wedding

I am especially excited for their October wedding, since I got married in October too! It’s such a romantic time to get married! I love the fall colors and the crisp air. (I might even have to pick up a pumpkin spice latte in the morning!) These two are perfect for each other, and I can’t wait to capture their wedding day.

Aberdeen Engagement Portraits with Pink City Walls Photographed by Tacoma Wedding Photographer Amanda Howse
Aberdeen engagement portraits with casual outfit inspiration and pink walls photographed by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse
Photographed by Tacoma Wedding Photographer Amanda Howse | Aberdeen Engagement Portraits | Cute couple smiling at each other on the city street.
Laid-back engagement portraits in Aberdeen, WA, photographed by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse.
Urban engagement portrait session in downtown Aberdeen with couple smiling at each other in building alley with colorful walls. Photographed by Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse.
Cute engaged couple sitting on apartment building steps with turquoise door and bride showing off engagement ring. Photographed by Tacoma Wedding Photographer Amanda Howse.
City steps engagement portraits with smiling couple in casual outfits. Photographed by Tacoma Wedding Photographer Amanda Howse.
Natural Engagement Portrait Pose with Sweet Couple on Apartment Building Steps | Photographed by Amanda Howse
Urban Aberdeen Engagement Portraits on Apartment Steps for Mediterranean inspired shoot photographed by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse.
Handsome groom spinning fiance around during engagement portrait session in downtown Aberdeen. Photographed by Tacoma Wedding Photographer Amanda Howse,
Fun Aberdeen engagement portraits with Jeff & Rosie smiling in front of pink city wall. Photographed by Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse.
Romantic Aberdeen engagement portraits with sunshine and trees. Photographed by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse.
Portrait of engaged couple leaning on a tree in Aberdeen park. Photographed by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse.
Picnic inspired engagement photos in downtown Aberdeen photographed by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse.
Dreamy engagement photos with groom carrying his bride. Photographed in Aberdeen by Tacoma wedding photographer Amanda Howse.
Rosie admiring her engagement ring during Aberdeen engagement portrait session with her fiance. Photographed by Tacoma wedding photographed Amanda Howse.

Aberdeen Engagement Portrait Sessions!

Capturing special moments in your life is what I am all about! If you’re getting married in Aberdeen, let’s capture your engagement with a portrait session in the city. We’ll create ah-mazing portraits that you will cherish forever.

Let’s connect!

Feel free to reach out to me anytime on my website. You can also email me at amanda@amandahowse.com or call/text 530-412-0730 to schedule your shoot!